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Tirana Airport Taxi Transfer

Taxi Airport Transfer Tirana Bee Taxi Electric car

Nënë Tereza Airport Transfer

Thank you for choosing our electric taxi services for the transfer from Tirana International Airport.  Bee Taxi is a company dedicated to the environment and we offer the latest Toyota BZ4X model cars from 2023-2024, which are 100% electric.
There is no Uber in Tirana and Albania, but we offer the same great services, and if you choose to travel with us, you will experience an unforgettable journey for several important reasons:


Comfort and Convenience

Inside the Toyota BZ4X cars, you will find a comfortable and suitable environment to make your journey more enjoyable

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By using our electric cars, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and support efforts for a cleaner planet

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Longer Trips with Lower Expenses

If you travel frequently within or between cities, choosing an electric taxi will allow you to travel more for less. You can enjoy a comfortable and safe travel experience without worrying about fuel costs.

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Spacious SUVs for Your Comfort

Our cars are SUVs, designed to offer a comfortable journey for 3-4 people. With ample space for 3 large suitcases, you will have enough room for your luggage during the trip

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Free WiFi

Additionally, all our cars offer free WiFi internet! This means you can stay connected to the internet throughout your journey.

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Personalized Service and Flexibility

We offer taxi transfer for our passengers from Tirana International Airport (TIA) to any destination they desire in Albania

At Bee Taxi, we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. We offer our service 24/7,  for any moment that  you need an airport taxi transfer from Tirana International Airport. 

We ensure that our clients have a safe and comfortable journey at all times, that is why whenever you need an Uber in Tirana or Albania, you can count on Bee Taxi services.

 When you choose to travel with us, you choose an environmentally friendly, comfortable, and reasonably priced option. We invite you to experience our services and see how an electric taxi can transform your travel experience!

To make reservations or inquire about information, our passengers can contact us via email at, call our toll-free number 0800 80 80, or through WhatsApp at +355 69 44 444 88. We are available to assist our passengers with high-quality service, ensuring that their journey is unforgettable.



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